Server Room Cooling Experts

Schmitt Heating has the experience, expertise, and reliability to keep your servers cool and operating properly. Due to the large amounts of heat coming off of a server, and due to the 24/7 requirements of operating servers, it is critical to properly cool your server rooms. Server down time is incredibly costly to your business. Our ductless air conditioning units are ideal for server rooms. They are reliable, low maintenance and greatly reduce dust. And because it is ductless, there is no complicated or invasive ducting required.

Anywhere In or Out of the Building

No matter what type of building you’re located in, and no matter where in the building you’re located, Schmitt Heating can install a ductless air conditioning system that addresses your needs. Ductless air conditioning can work in just about any building; whether you are in a glass building, warehouse, or any other type of building.

Ductless air conditioning units can also be placed on the exterior of a building. Refrigeration lines can be over 150 feet long, and they can rise over 100 feet, giving you lots of flexibility. Additionally, it’s not a problem when it is cold outside. Consider a unit that has low ambient cooling options. Even in extremely cold climates, there are ultra-low ambient options that will work for you.

Server Closets Can Be a Threat

Small businesses often install their servers in server closets or small server rooms. This can be a liability due to the great number of cooling issues that can occur in smaller spaces. Give Schmitt Heating a call to help you figure out the right solution for your particular needs. Don’t let the wrong setup for your server closet lead to disaster later down the road.

Schmitt Heating is the leader in commercial air conditioning systems for server room and data centers. Give us a call and speak to one of our professionals about what options are best for your company.